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ProUp is the groundbreaking product line that relies entirely on the powerful effect of protein from egg whites. Each crunchy bar contains 15 g of high-quality protein and is available in a variety of delicious flavors. Thanks to a shelf life of up to 12 months, it is always ready for use and is also suitable for a vegetarian diet. This crunchy and convenient snack is the optimal solution for a quick protein boost. Ideal for athletes, it accompanies your training with plenty of natural egg white protein, 15 g of protein per bar and a low sugar content. Enjoy it anywhere, anytime - the perfect addition to your active lifestyle."


Our egg white products: The most important things at a glance.

Why is egg white recognized as a noble protein?

Egg whites are considered a noble protein because they provide uniquely pure, high-quality protein that is free of fat and carbohydrates. This natural protein is essential for muscle building, cell renewal and metabolic processes, making it a valued choice for health-conscious individuals and athletes.

Can pregnant women eat eggs?

Yes, pregnant women can eat eggs as long as they are well cooked or pasteurized. Our egg white products are specially processed to ensure safety and provide a nutrient-rich source of protein for the healthy development of mother and baby.

Is our liquid egg white and egg white pudding safe for pregnant women?

Absolutely. Our liquid pasteurized egg whites and baked egg white puddings are specially processed to eliminate any risk of salmonella, making both products a safe and nutritious choice for pregnant women and anyone concerned about their health.

Why should pregnant women consider additional protein in their diet?

During pregnancy, the need for protein increases as it is essential for tissue growth and repair, baby development and maintenance of maternal muscles and organs. Protein also helps keep blood sugar levels stable and promotes satiety. Our egg white products provide a safe and high-quality source of protein for expectant mothers to meet these needs.

Are our products (liquid egg whites & egg white puddings) ideal for diabetics or people with carbohydrate intolerance?

Absolutely. Our products are an excellent choice for diabetics and those with carbohydrate intolerance. Our liquid egg whites and egg white pudding contain no carbohydrates and sugar, making them a safe and nutrient-dense option. These products are formulated to meet the nutritional needs of these specific groups while providing high-quality protein.

What makes our egg white pudding special?

Our egg white pudding is exceptional because it is made primarily from a single ingredient: egg white. With a remarkable protein content of 98%, our pudding is almost pure egg white, leaving only a small portion for the other ingredients. This unique composition makes our pudding a unique protein source, offering the concentration of high-quality protein in its purest form.

What makes our egg white pudding unique compared to other high protein puddings?

Our Egg White Pudding is completely different from other high protein puddings because we are proud to offer the only product on the market that contains 0 milk, 0 fat, 0 carbohydrates and 0 sugar. These exceptional nutritional values ​​make our pudding a truly unique choice that is not available anywhere else. We are convinced that these outstanding nutritional values ​​make the difference in terms of health, taste and fitness.

Why are egg whites so popular among bodybuilders?

Egg whites are highly valued by bodybuilders because they provide high-quality protein in a low-fat and carbohydrate-free form. This promotes muscle building, recovery and supports the body shaping process. Bodybuilders rely more on egg whites especially before competitions because they minimize muscle loss and emphasize definition while reducing body fat. The versatile use of egg whites in different meals allows bodybuilders to achieve their protein goals and prepare optimally for competition.

Are egg whites keto-friendly?

Yes, egg whites are definitely keto-friendly. They contain virtually no carbohydrates or sugar, making them perfect for a ketogenic diet. The high protein concentration in egg whites supports the maintenance of muscle mass during a ketogenic diet and helps put the body into the state of ketosis, where it uses fat for energy. Egg whites can therefore serve as a valuable supplement for people following a ketogenic diet.

What type of eggs are used to make our liquid egg whites and egg white puddings?

We consistently use free-range eggs for our products. The use of free-range eggs is a central part of our quality standards. This ensures that our products are not only first-class in terms of taste and nutrition, but also reflect our commitment to species-appropriate animal husbandry and sustainability.

What distinguishes our liquid egg white from other products on the market?

Our egg whites are unique because they come exclusively from free-range eggs. We are almost unique in using these high-quality eggs. In contrast, many products that do not explicitly state the conditions in which the eggs are raised are often cage-free and tend to be cheaper options. That's why we recommend checking the label carefully to make sure the eggs are clearly raised.

Where does our egg white come from?

The eggs we use for the liquid egg whites come from France. The egg whites for our puddings come from Spain.