Egg white donuts tasting box

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Discover our Protein Donut Sample Box – Healthy Treats!

Look forward to a selection of our six unique protein donut varieties, which have been specially developed for fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious connoisseurs. Our donuts are rich in egg white protein with an impressive 16g of protein per donut. These donuts are low in calories and contain less fat and sugar.

The varieties include:

  • Cookies & Cream : A classic treat with a creamy filling
  • Filled Chocolate : Richly filled for the ultimate chocolate pleasure
  • Kinder Proteino : Perfect for a kid-friendly, protein-rich treat
  • Lotus Cream : Exotic and seductive with lotus cream filling
  • Pistachio : Pistachio cream, a real highlight
  • Triple Chocolate : Three layers of chocolate for triple enjoyment

Each box contains 4 units of each variety, ideal for sharing or enjoying over several days. Our donuts are baked, not fried, making them a healthier alternative. Order now and experience how delicious healthy eating can be!

✅ 15% to 17% protein

✅ Baked, not fried

✅ Keto-friendly

✅ Low carbohydrate content

✅ No added sugar

✅ Cream filling