Cookie pudding made from egg whites

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Egg white pudding cookie – the crunchy treat for those with a sweet tooth

Enjoy the irresistible taste of our egg white pudding in cookie flavor. In each box you will find 10 units of 125 g, perfect for a crunchy and sweet moment.

Crispy cookie flavor meets creamy texture Our cookie pudding combines the popular flavors of freshly baked cookies with a soft, creamy consistency. A special way of preparing the egg whites creates a dessert that is reminiscent of homemade cookies.

Healthy and crunchy This pudding is not only a taste highlight, but also an excellent source of pure protein. Ideal for anyone who wants to eat healthily without giving up the pleasure of cookies.

Perfect for cookie lovers Whether as a tasty snack between meals, as a dessert after a meal or as a nutritious energy boost - our egg white pudding cookie is a delicious choice for every cookie fan.

* Our puddings have a shelf life of up to 4 months.
** Keep closed in the refrigerator at 2-4° C.

Egg white 98%, (from free-range eggs),
natural flavours, acidifier (citric acid),
Thickener (locust bean gum), lactic acid bacteria,
Sweetener (sucralose).