Free-range liquid egg white – 500 ml | Natural, Sustainable and Nutritious

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Our liquid egg white from free-range farming in a practical 500ml bottle - ideal for those who consume little. Rich in protein, low in fat and without artificial additives. Perfect for a healthy diet!

Free-range liquid egg whites – natural, sustainable and nutritious

Our high-quality liquid egg whites come from sustainable free-range farming where animal welfare is the top priority. Cage-free farming systems allow the chickens freedom and movement, producing only the best eggs. Our egg whites are free from artificial additives and preservatives - a natural choice for your kitchen.

Features that convince:

  • Natural origin: Our eggs come from free-range farming.
  • Practical size: A 500ml bottle corresponds to about 16 egg whites.
  • User-friendly: label with measuring scale for easy handling.
  • Health-promoting: Naturally rich in protein and low in fat.
  • Safe and Durable: Pasteurized and stable at room temperature.
  • Long lasting freshness: Use within 7 days after opening.

Ideal for active and health-conscious people:

Our liquid egg white is particularly suitable for athletes and anyone who wants to eat a balanced diet. It is ideal for preparing nutritious omelettes, delicious pancakes, smoothies and protein porridge. The 500ml bottle is particularly suitable for those who consume less, as it is easier to use within the recommended 7 days after opening. Enjoy the pure taste and versatility of our product.

Rely on natural quality and sustainability with our liquid egg white – for a healthy diet without compromising on taste.