Egg white Donut Pistachio

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An exquisite donut filled with real pistachio cream. Enjoy the benefits of pistachios and the unique taste of Alasature snacks... at the same time!

Protein donuts 75 grams, not fried but baked.

True taste without guilt!

The irresistible taste of freshly baked donuts. With a high protein content of up to 17 grams, the delicious donuts provide more protein than conventional donuts.

The other nutritional values ​​are also beneficial. The protein donuts are low in calories and contain less fat and sugar.

Unlike regular donuts, these treats are baked rather than fried. Available in 6 delicious flavors.

✅ Baked, not fried

✅ 17% protein

✅ Keto-friendly

✅ Low carbohydrate content

✅ No added sugar

✅ Cream filling


low carb




Egg white, WHEAT FLOUR (GLUTEN), vegetable oil: sunflower and soya, humectant: glycerine, whole OAT FLOUR (GLUTEN), PISTACHIO CREAM and white chocolate: 17% (sweetener (maltitol), vegetable oil (sunflower), roasted PISTACHIOS (20%), SKIMMED MILK POWDER, vegetable fat (sunflower), HAZELNUT PASTE (9%), whey powder, LACTOSE, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin and natural flavouring (vanilla)), WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE, orange peel, sweetener (5%): maltitol, raising agents: (sodium bicarbonate and sodium pyrophosphate).