Benefits of egg white

Pure proteins also exist in natural form.

Egg whites are ideal for anyone who follows a strict diet plan, such as bodybuilders or low carb, low fat fans.

Egg whites ensure a lasting feeling of satiety, provide a lot of protein and only make up a fraction of the fat and calories.

Egg white also contains all the essential amino acids that humans would have to absorb through food in order to meet their needs, as they cannot produce them themselves.

Pasteurized egg white is particularly suitable for this purpose because it also eliminates possible pathogens.

Contains BCAAs and glutamine

Egg white contains the amino acids glutamine and BCAAs (isoleucine, leucine and valine), which help the body:

-Promote energy and muscle growth

-Reduce muscle fatigue, prevent stiffness and promote recovery

-Increase brain function

If we prepare an omelette with 4 egg whites, we get 2.3 g of BCAA and 1.5 g of glutamine.

Suitable for all ages

Egg white is suitable for all age groups, but especially for:

- People who do sports (recreational or professional).

- People who are on a diet, a protein diet, a ketogenic diet, a low cholesterol diet, etc.

- People with protein deficiency and weight disorders

- Older people